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User Experience.​ 

June 8 - 10, 2020

WHAT is it all about

Our User Conference is all about you! This is your opportunity to connect and collaborate with other like-minded individuals. It is a chance to learn new ways to grow your business and improve your efficiencies. It is also an opportunity to elevate our thinking, strengthen our knowledge, and drive our industry forward for years to come.


TAKE THE LEAD was designed to support finding solutions to key pain points experienced in the equipment finance industry. And to provide sessions that give your company insight into LTi's technologies, visions, and roadmaps. 


Top equipment finance industry leaders recognize that future success means aligning a passion for good business strategy with enthusiasm for deploying innovative, agile and unique banking technologies. LTi is dedicated to a partnership with its customers, always seeking to integrate the customer's voice in solutions that will empower their win's today and in the future.

At LTi's conference we will bring together top financial and technology minds to talk about DELIVERING TODAY and SHAPING TOMORROW of the equipment finance industry, and LTi's technology strategy to help you STAND APART, SCALE SMART and GROW BEYOND.


This year's conference has sessions geared toward your executive, operations, IT, and business development teams. Bringing multiple individuals from your company will allow each of these team's voice to be heard and ensure your organization can develop strategies and insights that it can quickly and cohesively deploy when you return to work. We've amplified your team's ability to network with other LTi product users and LTi seasoned professionals. You don't want to miss this event!

stand apart

In a world of ever-growing mobility and service options, how do you differentiate your company as the provider of choice online and in person? Our sessions will help customize solutions to produce unique consumer experiences, empower relationships by building new partnerships and develop brand strength, so you stand apart from the crowd.

scale smart

The world is moving fast, and your company needs to keep pace. How can your company develop and increase its operational efficiency? Our sessions have been developed to help attendees gain strategies, provide feedback, and learn best practices on increasing speed in handling technology, managing security and compliance needs, and gaining insights on performance measurements. 

grow beyond

How does our company grow beyond business it's doing today and reach new markets and new opportunities? Our sessions have been designed to explore executive and business development issues.

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