We’ve focused our sessions around three main goals: demonstrating better and more efficient ways to use our products, demonstrating functionality you may not be taking advantage of and discussing the future of our road map. During these sessions, we also want to encourage our users to share their experiences/feedback, creating a rich and collaborative learning environment.

This year, we are trying our new hands-on sessions. These sessions are recommended for existing ASPIRE users and are designed to give the user “hands-on”, practical knowledge and understandings of the topics listed below.


NOTE: Users will be required to bring their own laptops and to download the ASPIRE client for the session database that will be used prior to the sessions.


Experience the benefits of attending our User Conference: 

  • Participate in the interactive sessions

  • Get a glimpse into what the future looks like for our company, and how you can influence product development

  • Discover the latest in software development, technologies, trends and practices

  • Get one-on-one time with our professionals

  • Network with peers/industry leaders to problem solve, collaborate, and gain fresh ideas

  • Have FUN!

LTi Roundtables

Taking Credit Decisioning to the Next Level Roundtable

  • Trying to predict whether a deal will be a winner for your organization is a difficult job. Analyzing inevitable failures and applying lessons learned can be a real challenge. Keeping your organization and your customers accountable to commitments is key to making the deal work. Especially when you are years into the relationship, this can prove to be an onerous task. Join LTi Product Experts and your industry peers for a roundtable discussion envisioning how technology can help your organization stay the course during the credit process. Areas of discussion will include credit scoring, tracking of long-term credit covenants, lines of credit, financial spreading, and capturing and interpreting data gathered during the credit process and beyond.


LIBOR Transition Roundtable

  • Market participants will be faced with the discontinuation of LIBOR no later than December 31, 2021. Are you prepared to take your floating contracts in a different direction? Please join LTi Product Experts and your industry peers in a roundtable on how to minimize the impact on the various areas of your business. Areas of discussion will include contract management, A/R, collections and customer service, and most importantly – your customers. This session will take a deeper look into potential processing and configuration as well as any functionality changes that are required to make this transition as painless as possible.

Data Audit Reporting Roundtable

  • Please join your colleagues and LTi as we discuss and partner together through a roundtable focused on your data visibility needs. The Data Audit Reporting Roundtable will cover existing tools available to provide data transparency for auditing. We will primarily have a hands-on discussion on the next wave of enhancements regarding data accessibility and transparency, and explore innovative ways to ensure your data can work for you to drive your organization forward.



Product Strategy & Roadmap Presentation

  • Are you ready to explore the new functionality LTi is currently working on? Are you excited to hear more about what LTi has in store for the future? If you answered yes to any of those questions, you will not want to miss this session. This presentation will allow you to tap into the minds of LTi Product Experts to learn how LTi decides what new features to release and how you can be involved in the decision-making process.

Syndication Training (Hands-On Training)

  • Understand the power and ease of use of this important module for syndications. ASPIRE users will process various types of sales, assignments and participations in this workshop.


Document Template (Hands-On Training)

  • This session will be training on building Document, Invoice and Statement Templates as well as utilizing Global Templates for mass mailings. Many challenges are often faced when working with various versions of MS Office and ASPIRE. This class will focus on the latest versions, ASPIRE v5.19.x and MS Word 2016 to provide the knowledge needed to develop time saving Contracts, PDF Documents, Invoices, Statements and Bulk Mailings. 

Risky Business

  • The effort of foreseeing risk in the equipment finance industry should be a constant for your business. There are often leading indicators, but how can you really determine when there will be another downturn? Are there things you could do in advance to protect yourself from this and other risks? Take charge of your company’s future and look beyond the risk. LTi welcomes you to join Kenneth Peters from Dressler Peters, LLC to listen, learn, and ask questions on the important topic of risk mitigation. This will include tips on protecting yourself in the assignment of financing and lease agreements, protecting yourself when a borrower or lessee files bankruptcy, as well as some other related answers to questions you may be afraid to ask.


Asset Disposal Management & Strategic Development

  • This session is delivered by a highly experienced asset management trainer who will guide participants on how to go through the various ways of processing both asset and collateral disposal. This session will help participants gain an overview of identifying both mid-term and end-of-term options. Participants will explore and review the different disposal methods including inventory, sale, abandon, and rollover along with the different payoff calculations available in ASPIRE.


ASPIRE is Open for API Training

  • The ASPIRE platform provides an open architecture that allows for seamless integration for several of your important business needs. Dozens of our valued ASPIRE customers currently have integrations into ASPIRE. Participating in this session will introduce you to significant capabilities of the ASPIRE platform and how it can be integrated properly with your APIs. Through this discussion, you will gain knowledge of these different integrations from a business perspective and be able to identify which integration options will provide the best value to your business.

ASPIRE Tips and Tricks to Transform Your Business 

  • Capitalize on ASPIRE’s tips and tricks and get the most out of ASPIRE’s functionality. Learn ASPIRE’s hidden gems and how these features can impact your business. This session will be packed with a broad range of features across the entire ASPIRE program that users may have missed or forgotten about. Discover tips and tricks to help speed up business processing and improve quality of life as an ASPIRE user.

C-Level Industry Trends

  • LTi has been busy! Come and see demonstrations of some of the new & exciting things we have built for you! 


Panel of Go-Lives to ASPIRE

  • The best technologies in the world are useless to you unless you have a solid strategy to successfully adopt the technologies. In this session, we will explore how equipment finance companies have maximized their use of technology in support of their strategic objectives. A panel will present success stories and answer questions as to how technology is leveraged in support of their business strategies.


Open Session

  • Your contracts all have a life of their own! Do you want to do more with less, or even more with more? Let's discuss and show you how ASPIRE can help you use technology and automation to streamline your contract lifecycle.