We’ve focused our sessions around three main goals: demonstrating better and more efficient ways to use our products, demonstrating functionality you may not be taking advantage of and discussing the future of our road map. During these sessions, we also want to encourage our users to share their experiences/feedback, creating a rich and collaborative learning environment.

This year, we are trying our new hands-on sessions. These sessions are recommended for existing ASPIRE users and are designed to give the user “hands-on”, practical knowledge and understandings of the topics listed below.


NOTE: Users will be required to bring their own laptops and to download the ASPIRE client for the session database that will be used prior to the sessions.


Experience the benefits of attending our User Conference: 

  • Participate in the interactive sessions

  • Get a glimpse into what the future looks like for our company, and how you can influence product development

  • Discover the latest in software development, technologies, trends and practices

  • Get one-on-one time with our professionals

  • Network with peers/industry leaders to problem solve, collaborate, and gain fresh ideas

  • Have FUN!

LTi Roundtables

Collections & Customer Service Roundtable

  • This roundtable will include a discussion of what finance companies need to better service their accounts, including in situations where the customer is not holding up their end of the bargain. Come sit with your peers and LTi resources for an interactive roundtable, focusing on the ASPIRE Collections and Customer Services functionality of today, as well as ideas of what can make it even better tomorrow.


Broker/Dealer Relationship Management Roundtable

  • This roundtable will include a discussion of what finance companies need to attract & retain the flow of desired business from third party origination sources. Come sit with your peers and LTi resources for an interactive roundtable, focusing on the ASPIRE functionality in support of Broker/Dealer Relationship Management, and ideas of what can make it even better for tomorrow.

Communication with LTi Roundtable

  • This roundtable will include a discussion of how LTi can better serve our user partners through enhanced communication, leading to maximizing use of your software investment and a higher level of satisfaction with LTi's software and services. Come sit with your peers and LTi resources for an interactive roundtable, focusing on how to maximize the communication with LTi, leading to overall better satisfaction & effective use of LTi software & services.




ASPIRE Product Roadmap

  • What is new to the LTi ASPIRE Platform suite of products? What is on the horizon? Come and look inside the box.


Configurable Forms (Hands-On Training)

  • Discover the flexibility and uses of Configurable Forms in a workshop environment. ASPIRE users will be guided though the various available configurations and unique uses for configurable forms.


Bank Funding (Hands-On Training)

  • Understand the power and ease of use of this important module for syndications. ASPIRE users will process various types of sales, assignments and participations in this workshop.


Inventory Management (Hands-On Training)

  • From end of term returns to repos and auction sales, this workshop will take the user through the various stages of inventory management including final asset sales. ASPIRE users will adjust inventory for capitalized costs and learn how ASPIRE manages this phase of the asset lifecycle.


ASPIRE Portfolio Reconciliation Tips & Tricks (Hands-On Training)

  • The user will gain valuable insight in the utilization of standard reports, data queries and methodologies for reconciling contracts within ASPIRE. Users will review the tools available to allow them to reconcile the ASPIRE sub-ledger to their general ledger system of record.


Meet with your LTi Support Reps

  • This session is designed as a time to meet individually with the support team assigned to you. Individual meetings can be setup with a support manager as well as the team you work with every day. This is an opportunity for you to ask any question and collaborate with LTi on the best way to service our products for you. These sessions will be 15 minute blocks during the designated time as well as any time outside of this session time to best suit you. Please message Brett Blankenship through our conference app to schedule your time.

Implementing ASPIRE into your Business; the Customer's Perspective

  • The tactical execution of a software implementation project can be a daunting disruption to your everyday business. In this session, you will have an opportunity to hear from peer users that have successfully implemented ASPIRE. They will convey lessons learned, successful strategies and there will be ample opportunity to ask questions and have insightful discussion.

New ASPIRE Features & Benefits

  • LTi has been busy! Come and see demonstrations of some of the new & exciting things we have built for you! 


Technology Planning & Adoption

  • The best technologies in the world are useless to you unless you have a solid strategy to successfully adopt the technologies. In this session, we will explore how equipment finance companies have maximized their use of technology in support of their strategic objectives. A panel will present success stories and answer questions as to how technology is leveraged in support of their business strategies.


Streamlining your Contract Lifecycle

  • Your contracts all have a life of their own! Do you want to do more with less, or even more with more? Let's discuss and show you how ASPIRE can help you use technology and automation to streamline your contract lifecycle.


Accessing ASPIRE Documentation

  • ASPIRE Help, Release Notes, and other documentation are important in the understanding and on-going learning of ASPIRE. Spend a session understanding how to maximize your use of ASPIRE product documentation, how to get and utilize Release Notes, and provide input on changes LTi is making to empower user learning. Each installation of ASPIRE is unique, featuring different licensed modules, various configured Statuses, Global Settings and Codes & Types and emphasizing different ASPIRE functional areas. We know documentation can be helpful, sometimes critical, to the success of your business. In addition to helping navigate existing product resources, come with questions and suggestions on how LTi can best support your needs. 


LTi Partners

  • Do you want to get to know our partners better and how they can add value and/or provide efficiencies to your business?  If so, come to this session and let them tell you about themselves.

Defining Business Cases through Data Analysis

  • LTi has made a large investment into helping further define "what is a business case", and how we go about analyzing that information to make informed decisions throughout your product based on how YOU, our end user, is processing YOUR transactions. Come sit in and listen as we share our vision for how we can analyze this data and participate in an open discussion on what it might mean for you. 

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